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Klaus Rubrecht

Hi! I'm a freelance software engineer. I love using the best tools out there to build awesome solutions. This includes Ruby On Rails, NodeJs, Cordova and many others ...



I love to use Ruby on Rails or NodeJs on the back-end, on the client side I like building user friendly ui's with React, Angular or just plain old JavaScript (or CoffeeScript). I've most experience with PostgresQL as database but have used MySql as well, I've also worked with Redis, Memcached and MongoDB. I use Vim as editor. But in general I strongly believe one should use the tool best suited for the job.

Best practices

I'm a strong believer in testing as a foundation of strong software. Core business logic should always have 100% coverage. I always strive for clean and maintainable code using object-oriented practices and principles, applying desing patterns (only when they are needed). I love to expand my horizons, because best practices go hand in hand with continuous learning and keeping up to date with the latest advances in the relevant technologies.


It's very important to have a clear overview of progress and direction, that's why I think communication is key. Agility means small incremental steps, continous integration and deployment, daily status and clear requirements. These are all principles I adhere fondly to because good communication can improve the flow and speed of a project drastically and ensure there are no unpleasant surprises.


The foundation for my development skills grew from a strong analytical background. I obtained a masters Engineering degree in Applied Phyics and a degree in Mathematics from the University of Ghent (Belgium) at the same time. During my final masters year I studied a brief stint abroad at NTNU Trondheim (Norway). As a result of this education I'm not afraid of tackling difficult problems by using abstract and efficient algorithms. This is an important advantage to have when optimizing and scaling applications.


In my spare time you'll find me behind the piano, running in nature, playing tennis, travelling or spending time with family and friends.


  • Klaus takes on new responsibilities quickly and successfully. On top of this he's also an excellent teamplayer.

    Stefan Schulte, FLIR ITS Team lead Detection Software

  • A well rounded personality nicely complements the vast amount of technical knowledge that Klaus brings to the table.

    Simon Schoeters, CTO MyMicroInvest

  • Working with Klaus was a joy and it was obvious that he is able to deeply analyze problems to discover the best solution based on the requirements at hand. He's able to juggle multiple tasks effortlessly and put on many different hats at will. He's ideally suited for a startup.

    David Verhasselt, Freelance developer at Silverfin


Questions about my work, articles or looking for a consultant on your project?

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  • Strong mathematical algorithmic background
  • Front-end and back-end skills
  • Refactoring, resolving technical debt, solving bugs and bringing a project up to date.
  • Feature based work, making your next dream idea come true.